Follow our tips and tricks to learn all about how to apply our products with confidence.

How To Apply

Achieving a long-lasting, high shine manicure or pedicure at home has never been easier.

Red Carpet Beauty is simple to apply in three easy steps and dries instantly, so you can get on with your day. Then, when you are ready for a colour change, Red Carpet Beauty can be removed quickly and cleanly, with no damage to the natural nail.

Watch our step-by-step video for guidance, read our application and removal instructions online or download the step-by-step guide for your kit.

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Download our step by step application and removal, using the Portable Light

Download our step by step application and removal, using the Professional LED Light.

Red Carpet Beauty FAQs

How do I apply Red Carpet Beauty Color Dip?

Step 1:
Clean and prep nails, by pushing back cuticle and shaping nails. Wipe clean with an alcohol based cleanser.

Step 2:
Apply a thin coat of Colour Dip BASE COAT and immediately dip into COLOUR DIP powder. Tap off excess. Do one nail at a time. Repeat on all nails.

Step 3:
Apply ACTIVATOR to all nails. Follow with a layer of Colour Dip BASE COAT.

Step 4:
Shape with Red Carpet Beauty’s Groom Buffer. Wipe with a lint free wipe.

Step 5:
Apply ACTIVATOR to all nails and wait 20 seconds. Remove excess ACTIVATOR with a dry lint free wipe.

Step 6:
Apply 2 thin coats of Colour Dip TOP COAT and let air dry.

How do I remove Red Carpet Beauty Color Dip?

Step 1:
Buff off top layer using a file, to break the seal on the top coat.

Step 2:
Place an RCM FOIL WRAP saturated with ERASE onto the nail.

Step 3:
Wrap fingertip tightly and let set for 15-20 minutes.

Step 4:
Remove FOIL WRAP by squeezing the nail and pulling. Most of the product should come off inside the foil.

Step 5:
Gently remove any remaining product using an orange wood stick from the cuticle to free edge. Repeat steps if necessary.

Step 6:
Lightly buff the surface of the nail as needed.

What are some Red Carpet Beauty Color Dip tips & tricks

1. Apply thin layer of base coat to nail (thick application can cause lumps).

2. Dip prepped nail directly into color jar at an 45° angle.

3. Do not twist, swirl, stir nail while dipping, this can cause lumps.

4. When applying a dark or neon color, use Color Dip’s Sheer Base Powder as the 1st step of dipping.

5. If you have any bare spots in color or want to make color more intense, apply third coat.

6. If excess base or top coat gets on skin/cuticle, quickly remove it with an orange wood stick before dipping into powder. 

What do you mean by gel polish?

This is the first at home version of the very popular professional gel beautys available at nail salons and spas. It uses the same technology and application process. Just like a traditional nail polish, you paint Red Carpet Beauty onto your nails with a brush, and then just like a gel, each layer is ‘cured’ to dry under an LED lamp, in as little as 30 seconds. The result is a high shine, long-lasting finish that is instantly dry, so once you’ve applied your polish, you can get on with your day.

What’s the difference between this and a standard polish?

Put simply, it is time. Firstly, the gel polish technology means that by using the LED light to ‘cure’ each layer of polish, your drying time is reduced to virtually nothing. As soon as you’ve finished your nails you can get on with your day, without any fear of chipping or smudging your polish. Secondly, the technology means it lasts far longer than a standard polish, so you don’t have to waste time with regular reapplications of colour.

What’s the difference between Red Carpet Beauty and professional gel beauty ranges I’ve seen in salons?

The only difference is now you have the products and tools to give yourself a professional-looking beauty or pedicure in the comfort of your own home. The technology and application techniques are exactly the same as the very popular professional gel beautys available in nail salons and spas.

Is a professional treatment better for your nails than Red Carpet Beauty?

As the application technique and technology is the same as a professional gel beauty, Red Carpet Beauty is just as effective for your nails as a professional treatment. By following the application instructions, you’ll be able to achieve the same results as a professional could, all in the comfort of your own home.

Will this cause any damage to my nails?

This product causes no damage to your nails, as there is no need for excessive filing or drilling of the nail surface. The products themselves do not cause any damage to the nails.

What colours do you recommend for a French beauty?

To achieve the classic French beauty, we recommend Camera Shy, if you want a creamier toned colour on the nail, or Candid Moment for a slightly pinker shade. Finish your tips with White Hot to complete the look.

Can I use Red Carpet Beauty if I have acrylic nails?

Yes, you can enjoy the same high shine, long lasting results from Red Carpet Beauty if you have acrylic nails. However, we would advise that you first buff the surface of the artificial nail to remove any shine. This will aid adhesion of the products to ensure long lasting results.

When do you plan to add more colours to the range?

We’ll be releasing more new colours seasonally on a regular basis. You should check www.redcarpetbeauty.co.uk regularly, or follow @redcarpetbeautyuk on Twitter to stay up to date with the latest releases.

Can I mix products from other gel beauty ranges with the Red Carpet Beauty products?

Like any beauty product, the products within the Red Carpet Beauty family have been designed to work together to provide a beautiful, high shine, long-lasting finish on nails. We do not recommend using other gel polishes with Red Carpet Beauty, as the formulas will differ and you will not get the best results possible.

How should I care for my nails if I’m using Red Carpet Beauty?

There is virtually no maintenance required to enjoy the beautiful, high gloss finish that Red Carpet Beauty offers. We do however recommend that you apply Revitalise NOURISHING CUTICLE OIL on a daily basis. This will help keep your nails strong and healthy - and it’s a great thing to do even when you are not wearing Red Carpet Beauty.

Why does the Red Carpet Beauty system use an LED light?

The LED light is the newest technology available. It cures each stage of your Red Carpet Beauty quickly and as it is a ‘cool’ light there is very minimal heat output. An LED light will also last far longer than a UV light, with no need to change the bulbs.

Why is it important to keep each coat of polish so thin?

Thin coats of Structure BASE COAT GEL, LED Gel Polish and Brilliance SEAL & SHINE TOP COAT GEL ensure that the nail ‘cures’ evenly under the LED light, and help to create a smooth, even surface. ‘Flooding’ the cuticle, where some product goes on to the skin, may mean your colour could lift away a little, and you will not get the long-lasting results that effective application of Red Carpet Beauty offers.

What would happen if I just used the colour on its own, without the base and top coats?

Applying Structure BASE COAT GEL and Brilliance SEAL & SHINE TOP COAT GEL are essential parts of the three step application process for Red Carpet Beauty. They provide essential colour protection to ensure a long lasting high shine finish. We do not recommend applying the colour on its own, as you will not obtain the desired results.

What would happen if I didn’t use the LED light and just let each coat dry naturally?

Due to the technology used in creating these professional quality formulas, curing each layer under the LED light is an essential part of the process. If you did not use the LED light, your polish would remain tacky and you would not get the longevity of wear that effective application of Red Carpet Beauty offers.

Is Red Carpet Beauty easy to remove?

Yes, it is very easy to remove, quickly and cleanly with no risk of damage to the natural nail. Each kit comes with complete step-by-step instructions on how to remove the polish, and includes a bottle of Erase GEL NAIL POLISH REMOVER. You run a buffer over the nail polish surface to break the seal on the top coat, soak a cotton pad in Erase GEL NAIL POLISH REMOVER, place it on the nail and wrap the finger tip in foil to speed removal time. After 10-15 minutes, remove the foil and gently push off any remaining colour with an orange stick. Finish by massaging Revitalise NOURISHING CUTICLE OIL in to each cuticle and nail.

Should I take a break between applications?

No, there is no need to take a break between applications as Red Carpet Beauty causes no damage to the natural nail. As long as you fully remove the previous colour, and remember to prepare your nails with the Prep MAX ADHESION SANTIZER before applying your care and colour products, you can apply a new colour (or your current favourite) immediately after removing your previous colour.

Student Discount Terms and Conditions

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